Musical Theatres

6 Things We Love About Musical Theatres

Show business is nothing like any other business. It all depends on the performance and execution of the artists, which increases the popularity of any theatre. We do not purchase tickets to see Hamilton just because of compelling storylines. Rather, it is more of a mixed feeling that we get from every element of a musical theatre. Here are some well-thought reasons why we enjoy musical theatres.


While some musical theatres do not offer a feeling of joy because of their themes, in the end, every musical theatre gives people a feeling of happiness as they watched a great show. The act of singing and dancing together itself fills the audience with joy and harmony. We need to learn to embrace it even when we are not watching a theatre.



A musical theatre is capable of offering a transcendent spiritual experience just by its music. It does not have to be a religious performance, but the music itself connects use with a higher power. We often find ourselves become a true part of either the performance or the audience. In both cases, we find ourselves in some transcendent state where we feel relaxed and lost in the plays.


One can never get bored with the endless variety of theatre that is available. There is comedy, drama, science fiction, social satire, political drama, absurdism, impressionism, autobiography, confessional, horror, and many more. There are endless varieties to categorize the plays which offers something to every person who has a different taste from others.

Size of emotion

There are many musical theatres like Sunday in the Park, which can be emotionally overwhelming to the people who value emotions and feelings. The performances and storylines and make the experience unbearably emotional. That is the art of music. Musical theatres are entirely about emotions, dramatic ones, and even forbidden ones, which can also make some people uncomfortable. But those who love the art of music will always appreciate such performances.



Just like movies and TV shows, musical theatres also have heroes. But the heroes in musical theatres may differ a lot from the ones you see in movies. In musical theatres, the actors and singers have to give a performance live without the cameras to showcase their qualities. It is all up to them to convince people that they are the heroes, and how they do that is what makes the musical theatres so special.

Exit music

We may not pay attention to the exit music in most of the theatres, but it is played live and concludes the overall performances. It is one of the things that can make your experience memorable with the talks about the play still in your head when you are going back home. After a series of emotional events, when you listen to the exit music, you will feel a sense of relief and will come back to reality once again with a feel-good attitude.